The Parts Of A Man’s Body Where Women Look First

Do you think that it’s only men who check out women and not women checking out men? Well, if you think the way, then trust me, you are totally wrong here! Women do, but in a more discreet manner!

Interestingly, there are few body parts of a man that immediately becomes the center of attention for a woman when she first glances at him.  So, what are these and how do these impresses a woman, get to know below:

Massive biceps:

Being a woman myself, this thing I can guarantee to work as a turn-on for every woman. Men with bulging biceps are believed to be attractive and appealing. Interestingly, there are several studies that also suggest the same. So, what is the logic behind this? Well because it is more like an indicator that the guy takes care of himself more! He ‘invests’ time train his body!

Psychologically, women believe that men with stronger bodies are capable enough to protect them and above all, lift them up in romantic moments! Well, that’s how we think!

Strong Glutes:

Strange but true! Like men, women too check you out from the back! In fact, stronger butts are more like a magnet for women. A survey conducted in the recent times ended up with some interesting findings. According to it, well shaped glutes is something that is more preferred by women in a man’s anatomy.

Draping beards:

Well, its trend may come and go, but it is one definite factor that can win you a girl for sure. Interestingly, women find clean-shaved men less attractive as compared to men with facial hair. Psychologically, females believe that facial hair is an indicator of good health in men.

Solid abs: Well, women find solid abs appealing might not sound new to you. It is indeed, almost understood by all of us. So, why do we like solid hard abs in a guy?

Well because abs displays their masculinity! Not just this, a finely carved body also indicates a fit built in terms of health and power! On the other hand, men with excessive abdominal fat are more likely to make fewer testosterones. This result in lowering their libido and performance in bed!

Broader shoulders:

It is believed that men with bigger shoulders are more appealing for women. Well, the belief is also backed by several studies. Like the former, it may also not surprise many; for men with broader shoulders are supposed to be manly and powerful. Indeed, these tend to be the two most important traits modern women prefer and seek for in men.

Broader back:

Interestingly, when it comes to grabbing a woman’s attention, chiseling shoulders is not only important. Make sure you work at your back as well. According to a study, around 80 percent of females find men with broader back attractive than men with good height! Including me!

Sulky’ look:

Even though, women find men with happy moods attractive, however, not more than the men with ‘sulky’ look! So, smiling more often may not ‘work’ to get you the prettiest girl in the party, than choosing to sit alone and isolated!

Tougher hands:

Well, going for a manicure is not good for winning a girl’s heart! To your surprise, women love men with tougher and bigger hands. This too, is an indicator of masculinity!

Rippling pecs:

Women are believed to set their eyes first on your arms! So, have you ever wondered why bodybuilders focus on pecs and arms first? Well because these can turn big with little efforts very quickly! Specially, if bodybuilders choose to oral steroids! Oral steroids, also known as legal steroids can greatly help you pack on muscles and turn big!

But before you add as much as pec-related exercises in your training, do not forget that women do not like ‘massive pecs’. So, working to make your pecs more prominent and pronounced is a good idea, however, try not to overdo your pecs!

Small nose and bigger eyes:

And last, but not the least, your facial features are what attracts and catches the attention of a woman more. Men with small nose and bigger eyes are considered to be more appealing to the opposite sex. On the other hand, a chiseled jaw and defined cheekbones are the features that add more points in your favor!

So, these were the ten body areas women look first in men! There can be even more!

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