Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids Cycle and Usage Guide


So, what does the term ‘steroid cycles’ means? Or refers to? Well, steroid cycle is marked by the time period in which users take/use the steroid. Steroid cycle is also known as the on-cycle period. In addition to this, the period in which users take a break from using the steroid is called the off-cycle period.

Moreover, steroid stack is marked by the time period in which users use non-steroidal and anabolic steroid items. In short, it is the time period that helps you judge what combination of steroids is yielding the desired results for you to continue the particular kind of plan! However, for achieving the desired results in the safest manner possible, following some set of rules is extremely important! Have a look to these simple rules:


This Stack includes 1 bottle of each. To make this stack a FULL 8 week cycle, order 2 of this Stack when you add the item to your shopping cart.


If it is your first time, that is, if you are using the anabolic steroids for the first time, then I would suggest you to go simple! Reason lies in the fact that at this point, users are totally unaware of the way their body will respond to the doses of certain hormones. Thus, introduce hormones gradually and start with the ones your body is known to. Example includes testosterone. It has been observed that majority individuals forgo this very important rule, and begins with heavy cycles and stack. Such a situation can end up provoking undesirable results for you!

So, what is the point of starting small in the first place? Well with this, you can better judge how well your body is responding to the particular items within the timeframe, or can determine the one your body is not accepting! Undoubtedly, starting small will not bring you massive results, but at least, will help you decide what combination of anabolic steroids is or not working in your favor.

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After you have tested a combination of steroid cycle, you are now in a better state to step ahead to an advanced cycle. Indeed, by this, you body is given time to accept the gradual changes and react in a positive manner.  However, sticking to a simple combination of stack is not a bad idea too, if it is working well for you!

It will, indeed, work for you all the time you use it! Mention below is a list of some standard basic cycles offered by crazy bulk. Usually, using any of these is enough to bring the desired results for the users, and many men do not feel the need of adding additional amount of doses or hormones. These are:

  • Crazy bulk ultimate stack.
  • Crazy bulk cutting stack.
  • Crazy bulk bulking stack.


As mentioned earlier, the duration in which you supplement your body with anabolic steroids is known as the steroid cycle. However, few questions that may be prompting you at this time may be:

  • What is the standard duration of steroid cycle?
  • How much time will it take me to observe gains?

Well, there is no such word as magic in the dictionary of bodybuilding! No matter what steroid cycle you use, it takes time to work. Scientifically, our body resists change, no matter if the change is in its favor. This is the reason why the body is given time to adapt changes and gain in a safest and normal manner. Though, after you have switched yourself to an off-cycle, staying in the phase for too long may end up losing your gains to some extent! Thus, be particular if you are serious about the results.
This Stack includes 1 bottle of each. To make this stack a FULL 8 week cycle, order 2 of this Stack when you add the item to your shopping cart.

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Normally, the on cycle period comprises of 2-3 months, that is, it mostly takes 8 to 12 weeks of usage before yielding favorable results for you.  Though, increasing the on cycle duration might end up causing adverse effects for the users. Thus, if you are willing to achieve solid gains, while keeping your health safe, it is advised not to extend the one-cycle for more than 4 months, followed by a same duration of off-cycle. Indeed, this is the most effective way to achieve the desired results.

An off-cycle followed by an on-cycle period is extremely important for supporting gains and stamina. Remember, you cannot attain or expect the desired results if you make and follow your own rules! It has been observed that many users continue their usage for 3-4 months and then switch to an off cycle period continuing it for around a month. This is particularly wrong and can turn against your interests. For massive gains and improvement in your stamina level, it is advised to continue with your off cycle for time duration similar to your on cycle period.

So, these were some simple tips you may need to follow and understand before you start with a stack or cycle, for superior and safe results!