Crazy Bulk Dianabol Cycle for Beginners


If you are totally unaware about this legal supplement dianabol, then you may have hundreds of questions about it. Such as what is it, how it works, what benefits it provides etc. Or you may be wondering how fast it works or what is the recommended dosage you are suppose to take!

Well, to start with, let me tell you this article is intended to provide all the basic and necessary information pertaining to dianabol. That is, if you are new to this legal steroid, then this article will help you make the most from it! Thus, to begin with, let me introduce you dianabol, the king of legal steroids:

Dianabol, is a legal steroid and a safer alternate of the steroid methandrostenolone. Over the years, it has been used for its stamina enhancing and muscle building powers. It increases size and helps you turn big and strong! Results achieved by this legal steroid are fast and lasting. Interestingly, dianabol has helped millions to gain around 20-30 pounds of lean muscle mass in its 30 days usage. Though, increase in gains may vary from person to person as everybody reacts differently to supplements. However, results mainly rely upon the user’s fitness regimen and diet!

Coming onto dianabol cycle dosage, it is extremely important to start with low. By this, your body is given time to accept the change and you can simply judge how well it is responding! Clearly speaking, you can also find out if your body is adversely reacting to the supplement, and thus can discontinue its usage right away! Yes, the possibilities of side effects do tend to exist, in the case of using dianabol! Few of these are hypertension, gynecomastia etc. However, detecting the body’s unfavorable reaction in the first place can help you avoid intense complications as you can take measures to avoid many of these!

For example, dianabol can affect the functionality of your liver. Thus, to avoid a problem like this, a problem that can turn more intense, users are advised to follow an off cycle period of the same duration as the on cycle, so that the liver is given time to relax and normalize! Interestingly, you can significantly reduce your risks of faces side effects by simply following the recommended dosage. It has been observed that many novice bodybuilders begin with taking more than the suggested dosages; in a hope to experience faster and enhanced results. This is the point where they go totally wrong, as this multiplies their possibilities of facing serious complications!

Start with as low as 20-30mg/day. Your organs will easily recover in case your body fails to accept the legal steroid. However, abusing the supplement will trigger you some intense side effects that may cause lasting and irreversible damage.


You can either take dianabol all alone, or can stack and use it in combination with other legal steroids. Interestingly, beginners prefer dianabol only cycle as this is the time when they are totally unaware about how their body will react to the steroids, and thus, experiencing a combination of anabolic compounds in the first place is no wiser choice.

Generally, the beginners tend to be ignorant in this very initial stage and can mismanage the stacked steroid cycle. In addition to this, while you decide to use dianabol only cycle, one thing that needs to be clear is that dianabol is more than enough to give you superior and expected results. Mention below is a list of benefits associated with dianabol only cycle, have a look:

  • Dianabol only cycle is easy to use, and no injections are needed to use it.
  • Users can judge its efficacy, notice any unfavorable results, and determine if dianabol only cycle is working in your favor.
  • If you stick to a strict diet plan, as well as remain regular with your workouts, then you can expect the results to be fast, say in less than a month.

Normally, the duration of dianabol cycle is a month. However, you can also extend the time period to 6 weeks. Avoid stretching it more as this can activate the possibilities of liver damage in the case.

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Users can expect the below mentioned results, of they manage to use dianabol cycle appropriately:

  • Increase/gain in muscle mass and a considerable improvement in the stamina and energy levels.
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention that is highly favorable for the development of muscles.


As mentioned earlier, the recommended dosage for the novice bodybuilders is as low as 20-30mg every day. The dosage has to be consumed for a period of 4-6 weeks. Then again, by this, you will be in a better state to record the way your body is reacting and can alter the dosage and reduce your chances of complications!

In addition to this, it is extremely important for the novice bodybuilders to maintain a log for them to easily observe progression while they supplement their body with a legal steroid like dbol.


It has been observed, that even though dianabol only cycle is sufficient enough to support muscle gains, yet the results are not lasting. According to some users, they actually lost the gains soon after they discontinue their usage, and had to continue the cycle, to retain the gains.  However, this is what I do not agree with! Clearly speaking, taking any legal steroid for a prolonged period of time can actually instigate serious problems for you, such as liver damage etc.

So, what can be done to ensure that the gains achieved by the legal steroids are lasting? Well, I would recommend you to go for a steroid stack. However, as I have mentioned earlier, many novice bodybuilders resist using several steroids in the first place, as they are totally unsure of the way their body will react to different anabolic compounds at once. Though, I believe it is safer to take the risk rather than using a particular steroid for a prolonged period of time.

Mentioned below are 5 steroid stacks that will help you provide superior and lasting results of dianabol cycle, have a look:


Stacking dianabol with a testosterone base will help you achieve sustainable results. Reason for this lies in the fact that an anabolic steroid like dbal, which encompasses 17aa androgenic properties are proven to repress the making of an important hormone called testosterone in the body. Thus, adding a source of testosterone in your cycle will ascertain your body is receiving this significant hormone.

You can stack dianabol with any of the following injectable form of testosterone:


Even though, dianabol is solely used, in fact effectively used as a bulking agent, however, dianabol does not hold the ability to cut fat. On the contrary, dianabol can intensify water retention. It is for this reason this legal steroid is often used in combination with a cutting steroid! Thus, to achieve a firmer, ripped physique, you can use dianabol with trenbolone, which tends to be a potent cutting agent.


Deca- durabolin is a bulking agent that helps to amass muscles gradually. In addition, levels of deca- durabolin tend to elevate steadily, so after the effects of dianabol end, its effects take charge! However, it is important to mention that this cycle must encompass testosterone, so that the body receives sufficient levels of this important hormone.


Interestingly, this tends to be an all-oral stack! This means that both the steroids used in this cycle needs to be taken orally, and no injections are required. Though, considering the hepatotoxic disposition of dianabol and anavar, using them simultaneously should be avoided. Thus, use each in a way that the usage of one begins while the other ends in the cycle.


To make your gains massive and sustainable, add injetable testosterone in the cycle of dianabol and trenbolone. The body will be supplied with exogenous testosterone, a hormone that is highly significant for the development of muscles.

So, these were some steroids you can stack with dianabol cycle to achieve desired and lasting results. However, as I have mentioned earlier, results tend to vary from person to person depending upon how well the user is following his buy phentermine dieting and exercise program.


Even though, the legal steroid is yet not linked with intense side effects, yet, there are chances of some minor complications. These are as follow:

  • Headache
  • Reduced libido.
  • Acne
  • Nausea


For novice bodybuilders, stacking or following single cycles is the shortcut to achieve massive gains at a speedy pace.

However, it is important to mention that this is not a destination at which users can stop and relax for their entire lifetime, but a journey that needs to be continued.

They can alter their cycles, once their body adjusts and responds favorably to any. They can also follow a cycle that intents to meet their goals. In addition to this, one thing that users need to keep in their mind is that any nutritional supplement is not a substitute that can be used in place of your diet.

You need to ensure that you strictly follow your exercises and diet plan during your steroid cycles, only by this, you can expect the results to turn in your favor. Besides, good nutrition and ample amount of sleep is also important so that you remain healthy and going!